Rajmandir Inauguration

February 12-13, 2012


12 AND 13 February, 2012 will be written in golden letters in the history of Shrimad Rajchandra Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra. A life size lively awe-inspiring Pratima of Paramkrupaludev Shrimad Rajchandra was installed in the newly constructed ‘Rajmandir’ on 13 Feb at the auspicious time of 12.36 pm. It was like Paramkrupaludev appearing in body and soul to shower his blessings on us and inspiring all the gathered aspirants to the true path of liberation shown by him in the footsteps of all Arihant Paramatma.

It was a most devotion-filled joyous occasion for all Raj-bhakts who thronged from all over India. It also became the platform for all Rajparivar devotees to come together and celebrate the installation of their beloved parampara guru Shrimadji. Saints from all Rajparivar ashrams and also other saints graced the occasion with their divine presence.

12 February:

The celebration started on 12 Feb morning with Jinabhishek by devotees followed by a special ‘Shri Atmasiddhi Shashtra Puja-Vidhan’ in the divine presence of Pujya Gurudev Shri Atmanandji and Pujya Bahenshri. This puja-vidhan was the first of its kind, specially articulated by our yuva-sadhak Balbrahmacharini Shri Alkaben. Each gatha of Atmasiddhi was rendered with utmost reverence by yuva-sadhaks followed by ‘Argh’ (offering to the Lord) with meaningful words relevant to the gatha. It was a great booster for our reverence to the well-known Atmasiddhi created by Paramkrupaludev. A booklet of this vidhan also has been published for the benefit of lovers of Atmasiddhi.

Afternoon session was graced by the pravachans of Adarniya Dr. Kumarpal Desai and Adarniya Shri Sudhirbhai Mehta followed by Pujyashri Bhanuvijayji Maharaj. Their speech were all filled with devotion to Paramkrupaludev.

Evening Bhakti was again a special one presented by the yuva-sadhaks of Dharampur Ashram under the leadership of Maulik Shah. We are highly obliged to Pujyashri Rakeshbhai for sending this Bhakti team in spite of their very busy schedule. The rendering of prayer in words by Maulik and the bhav-pradhan bhakti by the team charged the atmosphere with extreme emotional devotion to Paramkrupaludev culminating in Nritya-Bhakti by aspirants from audience including Pujya Bahenshri Sarmishtaben!

13 February:

This was the golden day when the Pratima of Paramkrupaludev was installed in its full glory on the ‘Siddha shila’ (a natural stone rock from the hills of Idar). It was preceeded by inspiring pravachans by Pujyashri Nalinbhai Kothari (Sayla Ashram), Pujyashri Gangjibhai (Kukma Ashram) Swami Shri Viditatmanandji, who all rightfully sang the glories of Paramkrupaludev. This was followed by a heart-absorbing bhakti by Koba yuva sadhaks. This again was an unforgettable experience when for the first time in the history of Rajparivar, this bhakti made all Saints also dance on a common platform engrossed in utmost devotion to Paramkrupaludev.

The Pratima was then taken in a grand procession to the Rajmandir with continuous loud chanting of the mantra ‘Sahajatmaswarup Param Guru’. The pratima was then installed by the labharthi Shri Sudhaben Kumudbhai Mehta on the Sidhhashila solemnized by the labharthi Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, Dharampur mumukshus under the continuous chanting of puja-mantras by Pujariji. The Paramkrupaludev charans (pagla) were installed by labharthi Shri Jayaben Dhruv and family – all in the divine presence of Pujya Gurudev Shri Atmanandji, Pujya Bahenshri and other saints. The blissful tranquility then descended under the radiance of Paramkrupaludev’s aura. There was then pin-drop silence and the time had come to bathe in those vibrations, which was made possible with the soul-stirring Paramkrupaludev’s bhakti – ‘Jay Jagat Trata’ rendered by Jaibhai.

The afternoon was eventful with pravachans of Pujyashri Gokulbhai and Adarniya Shri Vasantbhai Khokhani.

The Grand function concluded with divine Bhakti rendered by Jai Shah, Vidhi Parekh and Sundeep Shah followed by a very well presented drama ‘Atra ne Tatra Tu Sarvatra’ by an Ahmedabad Group directed by Shri Vipul Sharma on the life of Shrimad Rajchandra.

A word about Rajmandir:

As can be seen from the photographs here, the marvelous architecture of the Rajmandir and the awesomely life-like pratima of Paramkrupaludev, makes a devotee feel he is actually in front of Krupaludev in person and takes him to a state of tranquility and profound inner peace. Those having not been able to attend the mahotsav, are invited to visit Koba Ashram and experience the divine vibrations radiating in the Rajmandir with the yogbal of Paramkrupaludev.

More photographs and video-clips will follow after a few days.

Jay Jinendra. Jay Prabhu. Jay Sadguruvandan.