Education, virtues and service to society help to frame a child's character. A child with good character only can became a good citizen of the country and a good human being. His life will then gradually become worthy of living this invaluable human birth under the guidance of a Sadguru. He then becomes an asset to the society. 

Keeping this objective in mind, our Kendra started Vidya Bhakti Ananddham Gurukul on June 1st, 1994. The number of students has reached to 60, from 10 when it was established.









In the year 2005, 8000 sq. ft. land was acquired to make the Gurukul for these 60 disciples. There are clean and neat residing rooms, prayer hall, rooms for yoga and exercise, group study hall, library, computer room etc along with playground, contributing to the overall development of the students.

It is very gratifying to know that the students of the Gurukul are now turning engineers and doctors and are serving the society as envisaged. They have all the values to become honest, hard working and dedicated person and lead a virtuous life.

Below are few of the pictures of the Gurukul students engaged in various activites.