To aspire for a state of supreme tranquility, that only is our universally accepted religion, and in this repeated longing it will be attained. (Patrank-37)

- Shrimad Rajchandra

સ્ત્રી, પુત્ર, ધન, વૈભવ આદિ ભલે હો પણ અંતરથી તેનું માલિકીપણું ન કરવું.

- પુજ્ય શ્રી આત્માનંદજી


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सुमिरन के स्वर
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January 2022

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Parichay Pustika

Shrimad Rajchandra Adhyatmik Sadhana Kendra, founded in 1982 by Pujya Shri Atmanandji (formerly Dr. Mukund Soneji), is a spiritually inclined institution situated in the serene surrounding on the banks of River Sabarmati at Koba, near Gandhinagar, the state capital of Gujarat, providing the perfect environment for spiritual peace and bliss, under his guidance.

Pujyashree Atmanandiji, formerly a practicing medical doctor and a born Vaishnavite, came across the teachings of Jain masters Shri KundKund Achrya and Shrimad Rajchandra and was thus drawn to the principles of Jainism which finally satisfied his deep quest for the Truth. Subsequent thorough study of scriptures of these masters and his own intense spiritual sadhana transformed his life completely from a well known physician to a humble enlightened Saint. Out of compassion for others, he felt an urge to spread the teachings of Shri KundKund Achrya, Shrimad Rajchandra and that of Bhagwan Mahavir in its true form.

Under the guidance of Pujyashri today, Sadhana Kendra is benefiting and encouraging people from all walks of life and faiths, young and old towards their spiritual goals. Human life is a unique opportunity to understand, contemplate and implement the spiritual meaning of life. This Sadhana Kendra is giving a great platform and opportunity for the enlightenment of one's soul through study of scriptures, Bhakti (devotion), meditation and lectures by Pujyashri and other scholars. It provides good and modern residential facilities with Satvik food.

Service to the society is also a part of the sadhana here. Seva activities include a medical centre for poor families from nearby villages, Medical and blood donation camps, clothes distribution to the poor and a Gurukul which provides highly subsidized but modern boarding facilities to needy students.

For more of Pujyashri's life journey, please go to the link 'Pujyashri Atmanandji' on home page. For more information on the Ashram, kindly download the brochure.