For the purification of the soul, an aspirant should certainly pursue two spiritual means; the scriptures and association with the Enlightened One. (Patrank - 825) -Shrimad Rajchandra.

For those who are inclined to make the most out of the human life the Sadhana Kendra, Koba is providing residential facilities. Following types of facilities which can accommodate about 200 mumkshus are available at the Sadhana Kendra at a very nominal cost:

Mahilabhavan: Residential rooms for Ladies only

Dormitory:        A separate Sixteen Bed facility for gents only

Kutirs:              For family members and groups

The above facilities are offered to only those who are interested in performing Seva /Sadhana in the Ashram on the path shown by Shrimad Rajchandraji .
Those who wish to use the above facility must inform Aavas Samiti well in advance particularly during the Shibir Days.